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The owners of the Argyle Brewing Company: Chris and Rich, would like to welcome you to enjoy the ales of the first New York Farm Brewery in beautiful Washington County. Together we are dedicated to making the best craft beers you will drink in Washington County, or anywhere else.


Although Rich and Chris have ties to the Town of Argyle, the Argyle Brewery is located in the neighboring Village of Greenwich, NY, with another taproom in Cambridge, NY. Why Greenwich and Cambridge, but not Argyle? For starters, the Town of Argyle was dry up until November of 2019. Hence our slogan, “Dry Town ~ Wet Basements”. Also noteworthy, prior to the year 1803, Greenwich was a part of Argyle; so you might say that we were just trying to reclaim Greenwich one pint at a time. 

Argyle Brewing Company salutes all the Towns of Washington County, wet and dry, and encourages everyone to enjoy a cold beer, support family farmers and celebrate the future of this community which has so much to offer.


(To learn more about us, please click on the button link for out interview with WAMC Radio!)

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