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Cute Little Blonde | 4.4% ABV |

This blonde ale is lightly hopped throughout the boil with Willamette hops. Not for the hop head, this ale is quite smooth with mellow malty sweetness. 
| Pint: $7 | $1 off all pours for Mug Club Members|
Hop to It square.png
Hop to It IPA | 5.9% ABV | 

Our IPA is created with a special blend of New York and Northwest hop varieties. It starts with resin, pine, rich caramel, toasted malt, and muted citrus. Underpinnings of caramel malt, tobacco, and toasted bread crust take over the palate with a lightly bitter, dry finish.
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River Run Brut IPA | 5.8% ABV 

Its back! This Brut IPA is a light IPA on the dryer side, perfect for the warm weather! 
Barley's Honey Brown Ale website.png
Maple Porter | 5.0% ABV | Limited 

The double-tapped Maple Porter is made with local maple syrup from Upstate NY. This is a limited run so we are serving this in pints only, no growlers. 
Barley's Honey Brown Ale | 6.5% ABV | 

A dark refreshing brown ale with a hint of honey sourced from a local beekeeper. Named in honor of Barley, the Master Brewer's puppy who left us too soon. Cheers to Barley!
Altbier| 5.2% ABV | 

Using proprietary yeast, our German Style Altbier has a spicy hop bitterness and nose that only noble hop varieties can produce. We add a dash of roasted barley and German red wheat malt to give it a nice amber haze. With the yeast as the star of the show.
Rough & Red-dy No.2 | 4.3% ABV | 

This Irish style Red goes the route of roasty. A nice smooth mouth feel provided by the flaked barley will make you crave the red. At 5% alc/vol it will fast become your favorite session ale.
Winter Warmer Ale | 6.5% ABV | Seasonal

 A spiced seasonal Ale, filled with classic holiday spices such as All Spice, Nutmeg, Cinnamon and Cardamom.
Oat Me Stout | 4.8% ABV | Seasonal

An oatmeal stout with a beautiful dark color
Witches Brew | 6.4% ABV | Seasonal

An oatmeal stout made with bitter dark cacao, one of our biggest brews. A Tractor Parade Classic.
Pumpkin Ale | 6.5% ABV | Seasonal

This season ale is made with pumpkins from local farms and prepped by our very own brew crew. Tasting like a light malt slightly spiced pumpkin with hints of cardamon and cloves.
Kettle Sour Icon.png
Kettle Sour | 4.6% ABV | Seasonal
A refreshingly crisp, tart and unfruited Sour.
Full of Scots | 8.5% ABV | Collaboration

The Collaboration Brew with our friends at Scotlander Brewing in Argyle ,Ny.
A full bodied Ale with jus enough hops to carry all the chewy malty flavor, hints of Dark Cherry, tons of Caramel, Creme Brulee and just a little nutty with a balanced finish.

Its a wee heavy and  Tastes like Freeeeedooooooom!
BlackBerry Sour | 3.8% ABV | Seasonal

A fan favorite! Made with our Kettle Sour, this brew has a lovely light body paired with delicious blackberry juice.
Raspberry Porter icon.png
Raspberry Porter| 9% ABV | LIMITED EDITION

This limited edition Raspberry Porter is aged in a whiskey barrel in batches. Creating deeper and heavier tasting notes than its sister the regular raspberry porter. 
Saratoga Apple | 6.9% ABV | Hard Cider

This Hard Cider is from local Orchard Saratoga Apple in Schuylerville, NY.  This delicious hard cider is on the dryer side with a crisp refreshing finish, perfect for those who may be looking for something other than beer (or a lovely gluten free option). 
Elderflower Bubbly | 12.0% ABV | Wine

Carbonated Elderflower wine made with 100% American Elderberry Plants, grown and bottled in Argyle, NY. This lovely wine is light and refreshing in taste. A wonderful alcohol alternative to those avoiding the malt and hops.
Guest Taps
Non-Alcoholic Beers
Athletic Brewing Company NA Beers $7 

Run Wild - IPA
Free Wave - HAZY IPA
Gin & Tonic

Made with Main Street Distillery's Gin, Tonic, Ice and a fresh Lime
On The Go
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Main Street Distillery
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  • Wheat Whiskey

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Growler Fills

32oz : $10

64oz : $15
Cans & Bottles
Single: $5.61 +tax 
4 pack: $18.67 +tax
6 pack: $28.04 +tax
Limited Edition Raspberry Porter: $20
Elderflower Bubbly: $24

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