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Cute Little Blonde

This blonde ale is lightly hopped throughout the boil with Willamette hops. Not for the hop head, this ale is quite smooth with mellow malty sweetness. 

4.4 % ABV

Hop to It square.png
Hop To It IPA

Our IPA is created with a special blend of New York and Northwest hop varieties. It starts with resin, pine, rich caramel, toasted malt, and muted citrus. Underpinnings of caramel malt, tobacco, and toasted bread crust take over the palate with a lightly bitter, dry finish.

67 IBUs / 5.3 % ABV

Rough & Red-dy No. 2

This Irish style Red goes the route of roasty. A nice smooth mouth feel provided by the flaked barley will make you crave the red. At 5% alc/vol it will fast become your favorite session ale.

5.0 % ABV

Oat me. Oatmeal Stout

Using a fun blend of dark malts, look for hints of dark chocolate and roasted coffee. Carbonated on the lighter side, you will enjoy the smooth mouth feel that rolled oats supply. While good year-round, this stout is a great compliment to those long New York winters.

4.8 % ABV

Altbier Ale

Using proprietary yeast, our German style Altbier has a spicy hop bitterness and nose, we add a dash of roasted barley and German red wheat malt to give it a nice amber haze. The result is a well rounded flavor like no other.


4.6 % ABV


Offered limited times during the year

  • Kettle Sour

  • Mango on Main

  • Maple Porter

  • Pumpkin Ale

  • Raspberry Porter

  • Rasblurry Ale

  • River Run Brut IPA

  • Stumbler Brown

  • Summer Shandy

  • Winter Warmer

  • Witches Brew

  • Woodland Ale

mainstreet distillery.jpg
Main Street Distillery
  • Bourbon

  • Rye

  • Single Malt

  • Wheat Whiskey

  • Brandy

  • Gin

Saratoga apple.jpg
Saratoga Apple

Hard Cider

Slyboro Ciderhouse

Black Currant Cider

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